This is giving my mum ideas. At her work they are talking about a treadmill workstation. (She does some research and development at They think they can loose weight while working. If she does that her legs won’t be nice and comfy for my long naps. Next she will be spoiling my sleep time with this contraption – trying to get me to do what these catcrazies did and exercise! I want you cat mums and dads to read this ( I found at This proves the longer the nap the better: “Cats sleep a lot and it is perfectly normal. In fact an average house cat will sleep the majority of its life away. It’s one of their most favorite activities and they are really good at it. Most cats will sleep about 16 hours a day, and some even more than that. Whoever said it’s a dog’s life, obviously never spent time with a cat.” I know I am more of a sprint napper than a treadmill runner. Healthy is a nice long nap on the guest bed in the sun. That’s my story and my health tip for the day is TAKE LONG NAPS!