Here were are, it is dinner time and we are watching the Stephen Colbert show. Sometimes that guy puts me to sleep, other times, well look at my face, that says it all…


My family seems to think he’s pretty great. Ya just got to get into his character. I haven’t seem him interview a cat yet. I am just waiting.


Total stress reduction. If my mum would keep off her treadmill…her legs would stay nice and fluffy, just like I like it! Here mum reads to me and I fall gently into dreamland and in my favorite position. 

Sheeze, just live in my NOW! Meow!I wish my mum and daa would watch more of Oprah and Ecat-Tolle. She is getting pretty grumpy with my wishes and Daa seems to be doing his best to ignore me. I am so nice, too. I chat, chat some more and some more – I might get a little louder, but mostly I just go on and on and on. Geez, then I pull a few times at the carpet. Big deal! I thought she’d look my way – but she tried to ignore me too! I can’t find her purse, darn. A few chews on that typically gets her attention. So, I just went over and gave her a nice tender love bite. That worked! She is now in my NOW! She jumped up and got me some food. Just like I wanted. She just doesn’t understand why I need my kibbles freshened every couple of hours, some fresh water, and maybe some snacks. Yuck, food just doesn’t smell the same after sitting on that silly looking plate for a while. Would she want to eat her food an hour later — sitting out on a plate to collect who knows what? Nooo… Now if they’d just stay in MY NOW everything would be just purrfect.