Lap Cat

The perfect space to create health and well being. Nap Time!

MOVE ON!  This lap is taken!

Merry Christmas from me and my friend, Mr. Bear. I am contemplating what it would be like to hold a bird like he is, but I think I’d hold it in my mouth. I’d best be good. Santa should be bringing me my presents soon!

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas to all!

Here were are, it is dinner time and we are watching the Stephen Colbert show. Sometimes that guy puts me to sleep, other times, well look at my face, that says it all…


My family seems to think he’s pretty great. Ya just got to get into his character. I haven’t seem him interview a cat yet. I am just waiting.

I am really into my salmon jerky. I am glad I wasn’t raised on worms. But I am glad this crow helped one of my brothers. Thank you, crow.


Katnap - I always take my naps

Catnap - I always take my naps. I take as many as I can squeeze in a day.

When the sun is just peeking in and the morning is nice and quiet I just have to take a long rest in my bed in the dining room. It is fluffy with blankets and is so cozy. I think this photo was take in late spring. Now, in the wonderful summer weather I get to take my naps on the front porch. Every now and then I get to raise an eyelid and check out the neighborhood.  I will see if I can find a photo to share with you of my view from the porch. I just had to share something cozy…now. I hope all of you will be as happy to take your nap as I am mine. I feel so good after AND I have fun dreams! Ta Ta!

I am officially a mascot of a travel site called “Flying Cat Travel.” Don’t I look hot in my new goggles!? My folks love me so much the chose me as “the one.” You have to check out the site! Varoom! I am off to my next adventure (after a nap of course.)