Katmandu loves to be in the sun. He is a sun worshiper, like me, his cat mom. This is him a couple months ago, maybe even less, on one of our sunny days.

Katmandu, my cat, Perching on the  Deck Rail

Katmandu Perching on the Deck Rail

Katmandu Walking on the Deck Rail

Katmandu Walking on the Deck Rail

I cannot say how much I love my Katmandu. It just isn’t possible to express in words. I never knew I could feel this much about a “pet.” I believe he is part rag doll and part Siamese, but we were never sure. The Rag Doll fits his personality. Always loving, never mean – never bit or scratched us, loves to be held and petted. Loyal, fun, and talkative. Pet him anywhere, rub his feet, whatever it is all great to him. He comes when you call and can’t wait to sit on your lap at even the faintest possibility.

I write this now because I have just received a diagnosis of cancer for Katmandu. Kat has been getting thin for about a year, but I just thought – he is 16 (last year.) And he was living with his cat dad and maybe missed me at the time. He went to the vets and was on antibiotics and rehydrated. Kat doesn’t really like to drink water (and I have tried EVERYTHING).

The past two weeks he seemed to be loosing weight at an alarming weight, along with being lethargic and having no appetite. I took him to the veterinarian 2 days ago. They did a blood test. His white blood count is in the 9700. I have been reading on line to see what I can do. I cannot see him going through painful tests and chemo. He would me miserable and I know wouldn’t like it at all. I sense that. I just want to see him do the best with the last bit of time he has left.

If you have any suggestions let me know. For now I am holding him, and loving him and trying to make sure he gets some water, good healthy food and more love. It is hard to not break down, which I have done a few times the past few days. I don’t think that would make him happy, so I try to be the same cheerful Katmandu loving cat mom…holding tears back. I must enjoy what we have left. Katmandu is now 18. In human years I read that is about 79. Two months ago I would have thought he’d be with me for another 5 years!

How knows, we are going to try to find out what type of cancer cells Katmandu has, and hopefully will get some news that we can do something for this…  we will keep you posted.

♥♥ Katmandu Rest In Piece 1992-2010 ♥♥ Forever in my heart.

Katmandu wants all of you readers to stay in the game – don’t ever stop enjoying watching the squirrels or chasing a mouse, exploring new territory, enjoy every moment and what life presents you. Love each other. Be well. Blessings from Katmandu and Nancy

Katmandu Explores New Territory