Living in the Meow

I am officially a mascot of a travel site called “Flying Cat Travel.” Don’t I look hot in my new goggles!? My folks love me so much the chose me as “the one.” You have to check out the site! Varoom! I am off to my next adventure (after a nap of course.)


Sheeze, just live in my NOW! Meow!I wish my mum and daa would watch more of Oprah and Ecat-Tolle. She is getting pretty grumpy with my wishes and Daa seems to be doing his best to ignore me. I am so nice, too. I chat, chat some more and some more – I might get a little louder, but mostly I just go on and on and on. Geez, then I pull a few times at the carpet. Big deal! I thought she’d look my way – but she tried to ignore me too! I can’t find her purse, darn. A few chews on that typically gets her attention. So, I just went over and gave her a nice tender love bite. That worked! She is now in my NOW! She jumped up and got me some food. Just like I wanted. She just doesn’t understand why I need my kibbles freshened every couple of hours, some fresh water, and maybe some snacks. Yuck, food just doesn’t smell the same after sitting on that silly looking plate for a while. Would she want to eat her food an hour later — sitting out on a plate to collect who knows what? Nooo… Now if they’d just stay in MY NOW everything would be just purrfect.