Kat – On Education

Discover your love for cats like me, Katmandu, by viewing this informative YouTube Video “An Engineer’s Guide to Cats” by two super duper engineers, Paul Klusman and T J Wingard.
I think I fell in love with Ginger while watching her yodel, what a voice and ohhh, her club dancing – “shake that booty Ginger” M-o-e-w-y WOW! Thank you Paul and T J! My cat mom loves this quote from the video: “Oscar’s hobby is feline art, with his favorite genres being post modern cardboard deconstruction, floral arrangement regurgitation, and rotational forms of performance art, which also helps with regurgitation.” She is an artist too. I am not. I have tried a little mud art on the back window but she wasn’t very impressed. I do better with aluminum foil ball reshaping as a modern art form.


If you click here you will see a window with an old .aif file. You can still listen to me chant. Soon maa will have my photo of my travels to the great pyramid, but I wanted you to enjoy my chant, now. It really is me. I was younger then. I think my voice is a bit lower now. Shy does mum say I sound like Lucy (Ball) as she aged? Every time I hear myself sing that chant, I remember the good old traveling days and seeing the Great Pyramid – in my mind!