Contemplating Life

This is the cutest mommy and baby!


Merry Christmas from me and my friend, Mr. Bear. I am contemplating what it would be like to hold a bird like he is, but I think I’d hold it in my mouth. I’d best be good. Santa should be bringing me my presents soon!

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas to all!

Here were are, it is dinner time and we are watching the Stephen Colbert show. Sometimes that guy puts me to sleep, other times, well look at my face, that says it all…


My family seems to think he’s pretty great. Ya just got to get into his character. I haven’t seem him interview a cat yet. I am just waiting.

I am really into my salmon jerky. I am glad I wasn’t raised on worms. But I am glad this crow helped one of my brothers. Thank you, crow.

Look at me, napping again! Aren’t I so cool. It is great to nap and snuggle. I love it. Life IS a good sleep. A stress reducer it is. I have heard that most Americans don’t get enough sleep. Not me. I may have wild fur, but I don’t have a pot belly. To keep trim: Get sleep, and cuddle. Another Kat-nap health tip!

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