♥♥ Katmandu Rest In Piece 1992-2010 ♥♥ Forever in my heart.

About me – Katmandu. I was about 4 months old when my mom took me home. She was working in an industrial complex in Auburn, CA for a company called Pacific Screening and Lining and was the office manager there. I was living in a dark warehouse next door. My first mom actually drove her motor home into the warehouse and set up an answering service. We were crowded, and because I wasn’t happy, kept sneaking away. Lots of dogs and cats, she had, and I am sure she thought she loved us but it wasn’t the home I hoped for and I not a happy kitten. She actually named me Marbles! Like in “head full of?” OR “eyes like?” UGH! I tried to ignore her when she called me that.

One day I found my way out of the warehouse and wandering around and got near an open window. It looked bright and cheerful inside.  I was already quite versed on non-stop talking – and I had a pretty good howl to get attention. I think I was born with a big voice! She heard me and thought I was having a cat problem of some kind and invited me in. I was happy to sit on her desk, sprawled out – napping of course! – and I knew it was love at first sight for her (and me too). But being the good person she was, she hung a note on the mail boxes saying “found cat…blah blah blah.”  So my old mom saw it and claimed me. I was a sad kitty, so first chance I got ran back to the nice blonde lady.  They had an office cat. He was a big guy. I thought I could duke it out with him and win all of her affections. I think I could have but I am not really a born fighter. It was all in fun, though. No fur flying there!

I sneaked out and found my way to her office again and the next visit I was so itchy. I wondered if she new what to do about me, so I sat on her desk, flipping hair and wiggling all around! Nancy (her name) said I was full of fleas so ran out on her lunch break and got me a flea collar and some powder. When my old mom came looking for me Nancy gave her the powder with a little cat advise. Nancy LOVES cats, I could tell. She hugged me a lot. I always got desk space for naps. She gave me treats and let me play with Sam Kat. It was great! I even forgot about my itching for awhile.

I just couldn’t stay away, and I was feeling a bit punk, so howled outside her window. Now, I was really scratching – my ears were driving me crazy! Nancy put me in her car and took me to this scary place, where they put my on a cold metal table and gazed into my ears. Next thing I knew I was waking up on the way home with my new mom. She told Bruce (her husband) that the vet said I had ear mites so bad that I may not have survived. AND that the woman that was my mom was taking lousy care of me. She was not going to let me go back. My ears did feel better but when I went licking around I found I had no balls! They had completely disappeared!  I always have wondered what mites and balls have in common. I ached for awhile! But not for too long. And I was so happy I forgot all about my missing parts! I now had a family and the nicest sister by the name of Callie Rose. She was about 5 years older, a tortoise shell sort of calico looking gal with big green eyes and very lickable.

Bruce wasn’t a pet person, or a cat person. Nancy gave him the job of giving me a new name hoping we’d bond. Leave it to Bruce to call me Katmandu. Now they call me “Katman”, “Mandu”, “Big Guy”,”Manny”,  I even answer to “Wall-e.” Any name is better than MARBLES!! I am Katmandu, a 15 year old, 14 lbs. hunk, with crystal blue eyes and cream and grey fur. I am a  lover of all beings (except big dogs scare the hell-ie out of me-ow!). I do not discriminate when it comes to lap sitting and I can chow down and talk it up with the best.

My mom and dad love me so much. I purr big time when hugged and I just love to cuddle. So that is just a little about me.  Let me know about you, if you’d like. I love cat stories. I am so grateful I was saved and given the purrfect home.

We now live in Eagle Point, Oregon. I pretty much stick close to home and have always after my original first adventure when I was just a young’en.

Oh, you have to check this out. My mom and dad are starting an online travel biz with their travel site… guess what! Flying Cat Travel! See me in my goggles there! And book your vacations with them. You save and the more extra money they make, the more Salmon treats I get! That keeps me a full and happy KAT-MANDU!

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